Faith in Night

Elie’s faith in God and his religion plays an important role in his identity, especially at the beginning of his story.  Elie’s horrific experiences prompt him to frequently question and examine his faith.  Today’s activities will require students to examine the part faith plays in Elie Wiesel’s Night and in their own lives.

Faith Statements

  1. Distribute the Faith Discussion Statements handout.
  2. Read through the expectations and questions with your students.
  3. Students then agree or disagree with each statement and explain their positions.
  4. When students are finished, discuss each statement.  Invite your students to share their thoughts and opinions, but remind them to be respectful of each other and each other’s views.

Faith Paragraph

Students are to write a developed paragraph discussing the impact of the Holocaust on the faith of its victims.  The paragraphs should be at least 12 sentences (approximately one page) long, and should be properly structured.  Before students begin writing, review proper paragraph structure.

  1. Discuss the impact of the Holocaust on the faith of its victims.  What examples can you see in Elie Wiesel’s story?  (You might want to list ideas on the board).
  2. Paragraph Structure Notes: Distribute the Literary Paragraph Notes or write them on the board for students to copy.
  3. Write the following question on the board:

What impact does the Holocaust have on the faith of its victims as shown in Elie Wiesel’s Night?

  1. Students are to write their paragraphs.
  2. Circulate to help students get started.


Peer Editing

When students are finished writing their paragraphs, they should exchange papers with a classmate and edit each others’ work for spelling, grammar, and clarity.

Remind students to be gentle and respectful, and to offer only constructive criticism.

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